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Is this community dead? Oh well, im posting anyway.

Name: I like to be called Nono, but my real name is kensey.
Age: I'll be 15 in 11 days. Yup. I'm still a youngin' ;D
Intrests: I like the accomplished feeling of doing good in school~ Obviously, Ganjiro. And himegyaru is my second favourite. I can play guitar, and im good with makeup c:
So, i discovered japanese subcultures and such about three years ago, and never really pursued my intrests in it until last year maybe? Im big on fruits, but any excuse i can find to dress  in gal attire, i'll milk it.
I dont have any recent gal photos, (my digicam broke D:) So the best thing i have right now is this webcam shot i just took. :S

MMMM. How attractive is that? D:

Anyway, Its nice to meet you all, if theres even an all to meet. Bye now ;3

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