Toronto Galcir: Glamour Gyaru

Hi! 2 Gyarus from Toronto, Canada [Kaystar and Keely] are forming Glamour Circle, a galcir in Toronto! Please join this community and support us! And please join our facebook group as well!
Our main website blog:

If you're in Toronto and around the GTA area, and would love to join and be dedicated in this group, let us know in facebook or in here! It would be great to have Canadian gyarus joining together, having fun, meeting each other and making the best out of it!
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Hello gals!
I'm quite new to this community, though I'm no newbie to the fashion.
I'm 17 years old (almost 18) and I live in Norway.
I speak norwegian, english, german (still learning) and some japanese (3rd year student, still learning). My nickname is Yuki.
I'm looking forward to get to know new gals. :3

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Red Neko Gals

Red Neko Gals is the UK's second Nago-cir based up in Manchester for all you northern UK gals. Please check out the forum because we'd love to hear from you

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♥ Shawnee
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A quick hello!

Hello all! I'm Flo (Or Kotoko in some circles). I'm 18, nearly 19 and I live in the UK.

I've been vaguely away of Gyaru in general but only really looked into it properly and learned about it's different Sub-genres int he last month or two really. So I've a lot to learn about. Ganjiro seems like the natural choice for me really given my pale complexion haha but I love the style too. So expect lots of questions from me in the future.

Well I guess that's about the long and short of it. People are welcome to ask me anything they like.

Flo xxx
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I'm sorta just getting into this fashion, & I hope I can pull it off.
I live in America, so if anyone knows the good stores to shop at to get a good ganjiro style...?
You can call me Jackie or Reina. ^^ Either is a-okay!
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